Christadelphians in Stoughton: Prayer List

Christadelphians in Stoughton: Prayer List
Please keep the following people in your prayers:

  • Sis. Shawn Thomas of the So. NH Ecclesia has stomach cancer.
  • Sis. Frankie Nixon of So. NH suffering from congestive heart disease.
  • Bro. Bob Schneider of the Baltimore Ecclesia is back home after suffering a mild stroke.
  • Sis. Eike Mario of So. NH broke her hip
  • Simona Ovando, the mother of Bro. Marcos Santos has been injured along her left side.
  • Paula’s Daughter Lori’s pathology report has come back and the cancer has been successfully removed! She will now begin radiation treatments in March.  
  • Sis. Anita Young has given us an update on her relative Kylie Smith.  She says that Kylie has had problems with melanomas due to radiotherapy but is otherwise ok.
  • Please keep the Baines family of Sussex in your prayers as they mourn the lost of the matriarch, Sis. Olive Baines.
  • Also, Bro. Cliff Baines is home after recently undergoing surgery.  
  • Bro. Mark Carr is now home recuperating.
  • Sis. Jean Link is home recovering from her most recent surgery.
  • Sis. Gail Schlageter is finally home recovering.
  • Maple Spruyt is home and on antibiotics specific to her infections.
  • Sis. Jane Haraldsen is home from the hospital after several days of suffering with Diverticulitis.
  • 16 year old Joey Waye, the niece of Sis. Amy Swift has Stage Four Hodgkins Lymphoma and is finishing radiation treatment after completing chemotherapy. She is the daughter of Bro. Dave Waye of the Toronto West Ecclesia.
  • Sis. Marion Picciuto’s daughter Angela recently fell and hurt her foot.
  • Sis. Nancy Rice has asked us to keep the husband of Walter Rice’s cousin, Barry Cohen in our prayers.  Barry has cancer and is in a lot of pain.
  • Sis Faith Coye had her surgery and thankfully everything went well but please still keep her in your prayers.
  • 11 Year old Joaquan Brown, the grandson of Bro. Tracy Nichols is having severe emotional issues. 
  • The son of Bro. Lorenzo Gadson, Lorenzo Jr., who is having health issues.
  • Bro Herb Phillips is improving since surgery and is currently in a skilled nursing facility.
  • Continue to keep Sis. Linda Terminesi , Paul’s sister in our prayers.
  • Janice Smith, the longtime friend of Sister Cathy Sgroi recently went through surgery for her cancer. 
  • Sis. Peg Egles has asked to remember her sister June Breckenridge who is suffering from medical issues.
  • Bro. Bob Egles is still recuperating.
  • Sister Cindy Harroll, the niece of Sis. Peg Egles who recently had surgery.
  • Ann Leahey, the friend of Sis. Sharon Hampton who is suffering with cancer.
  • Walter and Nancy Sgroi the relatives of Sis. Cathy Sgroi who are struggling physically.