Who Are The Christadelphians in Stoughton, MA?

So glad you asked! We are a group of Bible students who meet together in Stoughton, but live in and around the Boston, Massachusetts area. We share a common love for God and common hope in the fulfillment of His plan. We have these most important things in common and aside from that, we are all very different!  Some of us are old, some are young, and some don’t quite know how to describe their age. We are athletes and hobbyists, adventure-seekers and homebodies. We are single, we are couples, we are parents, and we come from all walks of life. But most of all, we consider each other brothers and sisters in Christ.

How Are We Different?

One thing that makes us a bit unique is that we are a lay community with no paid pastors or priests. Instead, we believe it is important to personally read the Bible and think for ourselves. We count on each other to organize our service to God, and we meet together regularly to worship, encourage one another, and remember the death and resurrection of Jesus by sharing communion. The Christadelphians are a world-wide religious body that have attempted to get back to the faith that was taught by Jesus and his apostles. We’re a community which is focused on rediscovering Bible truth – and on trying to live that truth by putting it into action in our families, in our congregations, and in our communities. We try to live lives of appreciation for God’s love toward us.