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so I'd like to talk about Resurrection tonight I I thought um what an amazing thing that would be

to be raised from the dead

I know

what what an amazing thing that would be and how that would impact the rest of your life things could never be the same after being raised from the dead so I thought you know what I'm going to do I'm going to look at all the people in the Bible who have been raised from the dead and kind of do like a a postmortem like a before and after of how they behave before their resurrection and how they behaved after their Resurrection obviously Resurrection is uh is the the central uh reason for us to have hope if there was no Resurrection we would be hopeless I think Paul to the Corinthians says uh we should be I don't know how it is exactly but pitied above all men are most pitiful something like that if if there is no Resurrection uh from first Peter uh chapter one starting in verse three praise be to the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ in his great Mercy he has given us New Birth into a Living Hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and into an inheritance that can never perish spoil or fade kept in heaven for you who through faith are shielded by God's power until the coming of the Salvation that is ready to be revealed in the last time so uh again a tremendous hope that we have

um and you know I the the one of the first sets of verses that comes to mind was was one of the readings that I suggested as um as pre-worker if you will before are the class which is uh Romans six and we think of that at our baptisms and and the symbolism of death burial and Resurrection at our at our baptism and how Paul talks about the contrast between the way of living before you were a slave to sin before

and now you're a slave to righteousness you were a servant uh you were you were controlled by evil desires you offered your body uh as an instrument of wickedness and then in contrast after our Resurrection after we're raised from the dead after we come up out of the water we're a new creation

and obviously we we struggle with that and I think that's we still struggle with sin and I think we see that uh where we will see that tonight in the resurrections um I'm going to try to do them all I think it's uh maybe a little bit ambitious and maybe some of it will be a little bit redundant so but I'm going to try to be thorough I haven't timed myself like Gideon so this is likely to go two hours

um so I hope you're ready just kidding I hope we don't go two hours

all right so when I think of resurrections uh I think of them as in three separate bins

uh in terms of the types of resurrections that we see in scripture I think we see we we see literal resurrections

um as an example uh obviously our lord Jesus and and Lazarus Lazarus was dead we know that he was dead and and he came to life

then we see figurative resurrections

so uh it's not an instance where somebody has actually died but it's a figure of what we see in in Jesus resurrection and as an example uh you can probably think of some examples uh I've got a bunch of them here Noah

coming through the flood right that family uh was baptized in the ark in this in the water in the sea

um and raised up into life uh the Egyptians sorry the the Israelites as they come out of Egypt uh through the Dead Sea

um Isaac is another example we'll look at him Joseph I was in a pit um you know the Bible uses um the depths of the sea and pits as symbols to us of death uh Jeremiah was another one that was in uh a pit and uh Sophia actually she's I told her I was doing Resurrection she said well I can think of one uh Daniel he was raised out of a pit he was saved and lifted up to life so I thought that was pretty good that Sophia had a suggestion and then the last type are uh supposed resurrections

um I'd like to see facial expressions when I say supposed resurrections so the uh these are people uh who went through traumatic events

and came out on the other side of them alive

um I maybe I I guess to put this in the common commonly used category they're queeners I think they may not quite qualify as literal but at least in figure

or we can see God's hand in their lives

um and an example I think of that would would be somebody like Paul

uh in Acts chapter 14 he was left for dead

um I don't know what stoning is like


I don't know how anybody could survive stoning I mean I I obviously no way to hypothesize about that but Paul rose up

um I it would not surprise me to find the Paul uh actually was dead after he was stoned um I think it's at lystra yeah

um so those are the um those are the types of resurrections uh that I think we see in the Bible and

um I'm going to claim um that that that Jonah was actually uh dead in the belly of the whale I don't know how controversial that was that is um and I think um you know what what got me thinking about this was reading about Adam and how he was put into a deep sleep I started to look at Hebrew and Greek words and try to make the connection uh to see if there were any suggestions that had them really um was

put to sleep as in his heart stopped beating or or whatever um by God to to give uh rise to Eve

uh I'm not a I'm not a linguist so I couldn't figure it out but I think at least in Adam we see um again a figure of resurrection and thanks to Brian Lloyd we had a we had a nice chat um the other day and he he reminded me about all the connections between uh Adam and Eve and the occlusion of Jesus how

how the Ecclesia


out of Jesus side

he by his wounds we are healed and we think of him being

on the cross and and with the soldier putting the spear in his side and the blood coming from him the the Ecclesia could be formed like Eve was formed from Adam and he and he rises up as does Adam

um so uh the the resurrections that uh I count

11 resurrections

in the Bible um and in them uh I have counted the tweeners uh Adam and Paul uh that I just mentioned

um and I've counted uh let's see eight others that I think we we know actually happened and then uh again Jonah I think I think he died in the belly of the whale so I I am I'm going to cover his resurrection so three uh four in the Old Testament uh that we'll look at besides Adam

um and then in in the New Testament we're not going to look at Jesus resurrection he's obviously that's the the resurrection we're not going to look at that one it's just too much material but the other resurrections in the Bible so Jesus raised three people from the dead

um and we we find of uh eudicus being raised by by Paul and Dorcas uh being raised by Peter foreign

and if you have any comments uh please feel free to interject even if you disagree with something I say


so again to Romans 6 1-14 that this talks about before and after uh obeying evil desires

um instead of offering ourselves to God so that's uh the contrast sin is our Master God is our instead now God is our Master before we went under law and now we're under grace now we are controlled by righteousness before

we were slaves to sin

so to our first example so again what I what what I think I what I want to try to provoke again is the before and after

uh in Resurrection and our very own lives

and and I thought it would I thought it would be helpful it wasn't as it turns out my study wasn't as helpful as I thought it would be in terms of showing contrasts in people's lives before and after their resurrections I'm surprised I'm actually disappointed

um that we don't see a remarkable turn in in these people who were affected by Resurrection who were right who were raised from the dead

um again in my opening question uh can you imagine if you were raised from the dead how nothing could be different

um so so we'll start let's start with Adam

um and so the the before that we know about Adam is I think uh a little

um we know that he worked the garden and took care of it God asked him to do that we know that he named

um the creatures

and we see him sat in the garden with the with the tree and we assume I think it's implied because we don't uh we don't hear about it until Eve

um that he was obedient to God's command to not take from the fruit and so so that's the before that's the before Adam so he's in decent shape he's doing what God has asked him to do and then he goes into his deep sleep


and then things get rough and so this is this is so this is the one of the first ones that I did and I thought you know after being raised from the dead Adam is struggling and and we're struggling too so again after his resurrection uh he took from the fruit he he hid from Yahweh


his life after Resurrection uh

was kind of a contrast to we see to what we see as Paul's picture of it the ideal picture of it for us uh in Romans after our baptism

he he names Eve after after he's raised from the dead he's banished

then he fathers his children Cain and Seth

um it's interesting that it doesn't say he fathered Abel obviously we know he's Abel's father but I thought it was kind of an interesting uh no Mission uh not mentioned

and and we read about him fathering Seth and

and Seth being in Adam's likeness and in Adam's image

and then then we see a bright spot for Adam I think um in in Genesis 4 25 where we read about Adam and Men it says calling on the name of Yahweh

um so a bright spot for Adam

and there's there's not much more that we learn about Adam we learned that he lives uh 130 years before Seth is born and that he has other Sons and Daughters he lives 800 more years after Seth is born and and then he dies

um one other mention we have of him uh is by job

where where job mentions Adam hiding that's kind of a crummy Legacy um for for Adam so you know if you put Adam's life in a nutshell

um you know I think we see him before obviously before the fall he's he's obedient but after his after after sorry before his resurrection he's obedient and again the demarcation I want to try to make with all these people is the before and after their Resurrection what things were like for them so before his resurrection he was obedient but afterwards uh Adam has trouble he does have bright spots

um but he has trouble

uh next I want to talk about Isaac so this is uh this is a figurative one we read about

um Isaac's Resurrection he's raised from the dead the writer of the Hebrew says maybe we could just go there really quick um Hebrews this is in chapter 11. and 17 to 19. for by faith Abraham when God tested him offered Isaac as a sacrifice he who had received the promises was about to sacrifice his one and only son even though God had said to him it is through Isaac that your Offspring will be reckoned Abraham reason that God could raise the dead and figuratively speaking he did receive Isaac back from death and so Isaac is our next uh Bible figure who's who's raised from the dead admittedly figuratively

so what do we know about Isaac before his resurrection uh Isaac is obedient to his father he carries the wood uh Abraham asked him to carry the wood and he and he does

and that's a side of going with Abraham that's pretty well all that we know about Isaac before his resurrection he asks his father about the lamb

um but you know whether he he is obedient or disobedient we don't know anything else about Isaac I don't think before before his resurrection

and in uh in the following verses uh the following ten verses we see a separation uh between

Isaac and Abraham they were together uh in those first few verses uh seven to nine and then uh then there's a separation where we where we read about Abraham kind of being on his own

um on his own I mean in that he's he's the active

figure in the account


he's the one who I mean he binds his son he builds the altar he raises his hand and


and so again a separation where it's where we don't know uh what's happening without with Isaac

so after Isaac's Resurrection after he's raised from the dead when when

when Abraham puts the knife down and go and the angels saves him and lifts him up

um I suppose it's implied that he goes with his father

um but we find out just a short bit later that Isaac is far from his father I think Abraham is

in Beersheba and

Isaac is at Kadesh varnia

um I think even more than that we've we find that uh Sarah is even somewhere else so the family uh seems separated after Isaac's Resurrection

so what else after Isaac's Resurrection he takes he is obedient to his father um in chapter 24. he takes uh he takes Rebecca as a wife he doesn't want his son uh to be married to an a a foreigner and and Isaac obeys his father

um and then and then Abraham dies so he and his brother Ishmael Barry

their father and we see uh Isaac with another Act of Holiness if you will he prays for his Barren wife

um Rebecca is Barren and he prays for her he's obedient to God in

um in not going down into Egypt there's a famine and he decides uh that he won't go to Egypt the way the God has instructed him so he's being faithful


and God prospers him

and he calls on God's name

um so Isaac is a man of faith we we can infer or we read and we can understand from the scriptures he is he's obeying his father he struggles a bit uh when he's I think I think it's at Gerard

um yeah with abimelech when when he's afraid of of the men uh and what they're going to do uh to him if he says that's his wife that he would be killed

so he has a bit of a struggle but after his resurrection I'm going to say that that Isaac's life is an example to us of what we see in Romans 6 um with a life of obedience we we don't really see him I think I don't know how young he is

um when uh when he goes up on the mountain with with Abraham

um but we don't see as as it were a conversion of Isaac but we see him um being a blessing to God nonetheless after his resurrection

uh and uh so next in the resurrection uh episodes is

the Widow of Zarephath she has a son uh we don't know his name

um and I think he's uh a young boy I think the record tells us that

um he's small enough uh that he can be carried up and down the stairs

um but we also learned that he's uh he's home alone

um his mother is out I think yeah she's at The City Gate Gathering sticks

and may she's getting ready to make her last meal

um and Elijah comes to this um he's at

uh he's at the Jordan being fed by the Ravens as the as the episode begins and and Elijah is sent to

um deserafath which by the way uh zaraphat is a is a place I think where uh Refinery happened I don't know what kind of refining was was happening there

um but I think it was a little Refinery town so this Widow is in the refinery Town she's she's starving to death she's going to make her last meal because of the uh because of the because of the drought



maybe we should uh maybe we should go there first king 17. [Music]

first king 17. yeah so we read in in the 17th verse

uh so that this oil uh doesn't run out she keeps eating and she keeps eating she the the miracle of the food uh

happens to her but what do we actually um what do we know about the the sun um before he dies I think it's very very little um he he gets ill sometime no later uh the son of the woman who owned the house became ill he grew worse and worse and finally he stopped breathing



so Elijah raises him from the dead and what do we know about this this is the struggle that we have in in most of the Resurrection episodes that we're going to look at tonight um is that we don't really have much else about the Sun what do we hear about him

um I think we hear nothing and again I was I was anticipating that in my study we were going to see these great lessons from these uh renewed people these people who have been who have been given an opportunity uh second opportunity at life

um of some of the great things that they did to serve our heavenly father

um but what we read uh as a result of this episode I think what we can take away from this not that there's no takeaways but there aren't any that we can get from the sun we get a take away from from the Widow from his mother then the woman and this is verse 24 then the woman said to Elijah now I know that you are a man of God and that the word of the Lord from your mouth is the truth

um so again uh nothing else we hear about the Sun the only thing we hear about anywhere even remotely connected to zarifath uh for tire and sidon um is the the wood that comes

um out during the rebuilding

um for uh for the temple that's where Ezra gets the wood out of tire inside and then zaraphat is just between there but but nothing uh that we learn about uh Tire inside of um like oh this boy uh had this great life and here's the effect he had on the community um we just don't read about that

um one one other impact

uh that this Resurrection has is to convict the people of Nazareth

um you might remember Jesus mentioning

um the resurrection of the this widow's son um when he starts his ministry

um he he indicates that he's the one that um that God has promised and the people uh you know they they reject him and in verse actually it's Luke chapter four uh after Jesus makes this claim and points to them uh points them to this Widow and her son being raised as

as a signal

um they they want to kill Jesus

so that's what we learned from the woman the Widow through that seraphim

a a conviction that Jesus is the Christ

uh that that it convicts the people of Nazareth

uh next Resurrection um is another another son

um he this is again another uh young one this is from second Kings chapter four I always get these uh episodes confused but this is a wealthy woman

this is a wealthy woman uh with a son she's got a husband um you might remember she's the one that hosts Elijah he comes through in the city and and she and her husband host him

um he's got she's got a room set up for him

uh sorry did I say Elijah uh that's because I have Elijah written

yeah it's Elijah and


Second Kings Second Kings fourth


he wants uh he wants to

he wants to repay the woman for uh the hospitality that she's shown to him and

and his servant goes back and he surveys her he says you know what what can I do for you and she says she has everything that she needs uh I think she says she has a home in in her native land that's all she could ask for seems like she's quite satisfied I don't know if anybody has a different reading of that but that's what I gather from that she doesn't want anything he's a wealthy woman

and gehazai is the one who makes the suggestion for this for this son so she's she's a barren woman uh at the time this is a wealthy but barren woman

she is satisfied she has everything she needs she doesn't ask for a son

um but gahey's eyes suggests So eventually we we learned of the sun uh we we again very little that we know about this this person

um he's old enough to go out I think he's going out to see the Reapers uh to with his father I think he goes out to see his father they're they're working out in the field

um so they're not that wealthy that the father has they can sit at home

um but he he's the one that says my head my head and then he dies

um he come he actually comes back into the house um so we know he's not too too old because he sits on his mother's lap

um but again in my in my in my um quest for for you know Eureka I found it what I found this great transition of of a person who's been raised from the dead and here's another one another example where where we don't know much about the boy before and after [Music] um we we only we only learn

um that he he's raised from the dead and that's that's pretty well it

um she goes on the journey she she goes a far distance right

um 20 miles so the sun is obviously um uh so he when Elisha gets back to him um the body is cold of this of this boy


and and when Elijah lays on him uh he warms up and he goes out to be with his mother


the the only connection I have uh

here for for this uh this Resurrection

um is the Widow at name um who has uh a Sun raise this is a this is a nameless person

um they they're in the area of Galilee um

uh this is second uh sorry in the Luke 7 is uh name yes

but again another anti-climactic Resurrection

we don't know anything about the effect of of what's happened to him uh later in his life


less information I think we have from the next Resurrection was which is Second Kings 13. uh a nameless man Elijah's tomb this is where the the the two men I think are going to bury a friend the moabite Raiders come and and they they are afraid and they put the dead man's body in Elijah's tomb uh and he comes to life and again we hear nothing about this man what is the impact of the Resurrection on you

you know that's the question that I want to get to

that's the question that Paul

um raises to us as he writes this as he writes in Romans and and I mentioned also in the pre-read uh or the suggestions for a pre-read in Ephesians are before and after life

um sorry our before Resurrection Life and our after Resurrection Life Meaning baptism Resurrection

there should be a huge huge contrast in in the way that we're living our lives there should be a huge change

um and again I'm struggling I'm struggling uh in these resurrections to find changes in these people's lives

um hey Jim can I jump in sure yeah great really great subject very very interesting

um you know as I hear you talking and wondering about you know where's the big change in in these individuals lives

I can't help but like think of my own life every night that I go to sleep

and fall asleep and then miraculously awake in the morning

right yeah and and I think that

I I know but I would imagine Jim that you know for a lot of people that were dead it was not like

you know it's it's not like they were you know ascending to heaven or going down into Shield to be tortured you know they were asleep

and to me the impact of these

of these miraculous events was probably more felt by the loved ones who had lost a relative a child and then saw that child raised to life I mean I just think of you know you and Katie you know I mean Katie goes you know into the operating room and is effectively dead

when Jesus

what'd you say for 81 minutes yeah

and you know

yeah it's hard to talk after saying that


and and I think

for me the impact of of seeing that is is is just powerful man

and and whether it's you know somebody like your your wife and you know our our friend Katie

or you know the uh the examples of um you know not actual raisings from the dead you know like like Isaac but you know I I think of um I don't know if Butch is on tonight but you know like Butch talks about how you know he sort of walked away for a long time

and then came back

and it's like to me that's so impactful for me maybe not for him so much but it gives me hope it gives me you know uh Joy

um and I would and I guess that that's where I'm going you know you're looking but but maybe we're looking in the wrong place when we're expecting you know this aha moment by the one that's been you know that that has been miraculously raised maybe the aha moment is the ones that witness it and I think that's what Romans 6 is about right it's it's to make an impact on us like how has it changed us to see Jesus raised from the dead it should give us confidence to know that we too will be raised

indeed yeah so

all right go ahead

Steve your comment as she lives and breathes


I actually agree with you that it affects other people more so because for me you know I just went to sleep I don't know what's going on everywhere and then I'm awake right you know so it's like okay hurry up just like you say like in the morning you know you wake up you're like okay well here I am

you know so I definitely that it's a good point that it affects other people more than it might affect yourself yeah

well young lady you uh being around has had a huge impact on so many people thank you I mean


you know

thanks Steve I didn't even I didn't think of that one actually that's kind of that's kind of shame on me


well I mean I think that's the point Jim right I mean sometimes we're so close to it yeah sometimes we're so close to it that we miss it

and you know whether it's like our own lives

I mean we we miss it when we wake up in the morning you know new every morning is a love you know my dad I mean where's Dad Dad's on you know he's he used to wake me as a kid you know this is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad of it you know and uh I can sleep

love you Dad let me just go back to sleep Dad yeah let's not replace right now let's



uh So speaking of which

um you know missing the point or the the resurrection effect being lost on somebody our next example is Jonah

um so uh nice segue Steve I by the way I didn't pay Steve for those of you who

so Jonah before I think his before and after are pretty similar so before Jonah runs away he hides he goes to sleep and uh I think in the first chapter verse six uh

uh I think it's kind of a foreshadowing if you will

um where the captain of the ship comes to Jonah and he says Get Up sleeper

I don't know why I never noticed that

um but that's uh those kind of those kind of words happen over and over and over get up sleeper and it's not just here it's in the in the other accounts that we're looking at


that makes a good wall art right what's that that would make some good wall art people stencil all these things in there in their homes

so um so Jonah has a bright spot uh while he's on the ship even though he's running away he does testify to the men on the ship Yahweh is my God and they and they they are afraid um because I think of his convictions and then Jonah before his resurrection

before his resurrection he behaves like Jesus he says put me in the water right he saves the men on the boat by sacrificing himself

which I think wow this is backwards

you know Jonah he did more before

uh in terms of his willingness to be a servant to give himself up

um he did before

so isn't that an interesting contrast to how he feels about the ninevites and maybe that's another lesson for us it's kind of a side one it's like who do you you know who are you going to pick

um that it's okay to be saved

um he was okay to save the guys on the ship but not so much the ninevites

um and yeah right there is they're the Israelites enemies

um but again we've got to put God's glasses on and look uh uh our enemies through through God's lenses as his children so again the before and after on Jonah I think uh is about the same he does not he has he is not aligned with God's position on saving the ninevites

um and we learned that in chapter four I said before God I told you before right I knew what was going to happen

so just kill me I can't stand it right that these ninevites are alive

um you know and and what a lesson that is to us


you know and then also the contrast to his prayer he admits that salvation uh is from our heavenly father um he says it uh let's go to Jonah too I think we're going to spend a little bit of time in Jonah too what time is it oh my goodness

I think we're only going to get to Jonah


numberless in my Preamble I have to completely change subjects right now Matthew 27 says

many holy people

came out of the grave

many holy people who knows what happened to them we don't read anything else about them other than that they test testified

um they appeared to many people

you just you just wonder at what Jerusalem was like with those

holy people that they must have been followers of Jesus or faithful Jews I don't know which Maybe maybe both

but when Jesus died

the curtain was torn the Earth Shook and the bodies of many holy people came to life

um just a an amazing I I can't I can't imagine what it would have been like to be in Jerusalem at that time sorry for the Whiplash um but when I did a time check I just wanted to see how much of my material I'm not going to get to um so I'm not going to get to that so that that uh account I am absolutely fascinated by uh the dead

um the the tombs being broken uh everything is Disturbed they come out as whole people I will assume that

and there are no names attached to it no genealogy attached to it would to me it reminds me of how we're just going to be one big huge family in the Kingdom so the genealogy may not even matter your last name may not even matter we may be given new names

um and we won't care about that we will proudly wear it but

why did that account happen I I I've got a I've got a feeling that it happened for Paul and I think that he when he heard about it I think he mocked it and he thought it was some sort of Ruth from uh the Christians to give them uh validity of existence and I just wanted to know what your opinion would be in regards to who was primarily for

yeah I I haven't thought much about it pat

um but I you know I think like all of these

um you know like the like the Widow at Zarephath her confession now that I know now I know that the word you're speaking and God is God's word and it's truth

um I I think that's you know I think just the same way the Holy Spirit uh was given for miraculous gifts to to be evidence

um of the the power and authority that was given to the early uh the the apostles

um and the early Believers the early disciples to to heal in Jesus name to demonstrate uh this this is uh an act of God's hand

yeah I would I would agree with that Jim and and I think that when you were talking did I think you indicated that it was likely a um you know a way for other Christians to

recognize that it was God's hand is that is that how you described it pat

well that's that's certainly I I I I ca I can't see it being much else than just an encouraging thing because it says and then the way or the church grew in numbers uh yeah and I just I it just takes me right to when um people are going to be resurrected here yeah we've often uh um fantasized about maybe an arm comes up first and then the ha the other one and then we just don't know it could be if he could make an amoeba if he could create the resurrection in a in a nanosecond people and just they can do what those people did coming out of the tombs I think it was multi-purposed but I think primarily for Paul and he failed the test at that time perhaps yeah yeah perhaps but you know the other thing that I think about is the this idea that if you do see it with Paul after his conversion right it says that he went to Arabia and then he goes to Jerusalem many years later and goes for the specific purpose of sort of interviewing

Jesus brother right and and he wants to make sure like did I really see this did this really happen I mean did the Risen Lord appear to me did so tell me your experience did you see Jesus alive I mean I think that that was part of it that it's such an unusual miraculous event that people would know you know they would doubt it and yet if all of a sudden there are all these many holy people who've been raised it would just sort of lead Credence to that to the idea that yeah something something did happen

thanks for that question Pat


so I have a question here are they all connected to the reward for their faithfulness

um I'm gonna have to say no because we we don't really we we don't have evidence that uh all of these people um did were faithful uh an example

um yeah the the the children uh as an example um maybe their families were um but I don't think we have that direct connection the ability to to say I mean Jonah was that you just used Jonah as an example right

you know he wasn't particularly faithful he was raised from the dead in spite of his uh yeah yeah so back to Jonah um what was the final impact on Joda I'm gonna refer you to an exhortation by Brother Peter Davis uh to find the answer to that question um but before we leave uh Jonah again I'm gonna assert that Jonah actually did die and the last bits of

um tonight's class I want to spend doing just a little bit of reading so let's turn to Jonah's prayer in two uh Jonah 2. and I'm just going to read that and I just just uh

so for a person to spend three nights in the deep in the sea three days and three nights it is not physically possible to survive

you might say okay well maybe God buy a miracle kept Jonah alive but I think Jonah's words uh strongly suggests that don't Jonah uh has died in the belly of the whale

um in my distress I call because of the words like the pit uh like the word your Bible might say hell or sheol uh the Deep um the desperate and dark circumstances that Jonah is in and how he calls on God and God Saves him um and particularly uh

chapter three well let me just get to his prayer I'll just read his prayer in my distress I call to the Lord and he answered me from the depths of the Grave I called for help and you listen to My Cry you hurled me into the deep into the very Heart Of The Seas and the currents swirled about me all your waves and Breakers swept over me I said I have been banished from your sight yet again I will look yeah I will look again toward your Holy Temple the engulfing Waters threaten me the Deep surrounded me seaweed was wrapped around my head to the roots of the mountains I sank down the Earth beneath barred Me In Forever but you brought my life up from the pit O Lord my God when my life was ebbing away I remembered you Lord and my prayer Rose to you to your Holy Temple those who cling to worthless Idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs but I with a song of Thanksgiving will sacrifice to you what I have vowed I will make good salvation comes from the Lord

and the Lord commanded the fish and I vomited Jonah on dry ground

and and so we we read again we read uh the the uh not the prediction I guess um the foreshadowing of what's going to happen to Jonah in chapter one with the captain saying sleeper get up and then we read from chapter three then the word of the Lord came to Jonah a second time go to the great city of nine about a Proclaim it to the message the message I give you Jonah obeyed the word of the Lord and went to Nineveh so

I think the NIV kind of obscures uh what happens I think one of the other versions maybe King James says Jonah rose up



but I but we see the language of Jonah rising up um to to life after he's in the belly of the fish


another I mean another extremely strong uh piece that I think we can refer to when when trying to decide what's actually happened here is from Jesus uh himself and Jesus talks about you know the Pharisees are asking for a sign and we know this uh we know this verse but I'm just going to these verses but I'm going to just read it again and I want to call your attention we have resurrections Jesus talks about four resurrections I don't think it's it's a coincidence

um that he mentions the resurrection of Nineveh and the queen of the South that those are going to rise up like the son of man and the the signal of that is going to be the sign of Jonah the miracle of Jonah

some of the Pharisees and teachers of the law said to him teacher we want to see a miraculous sign from you he answered a wicked this is sorry Matthew chapter 12 verse 38. teacher we want to see a miraculous sign for you he answered a wicked and adulterous generation asks for a miraculous sign but none will be given it except the sign of the prophet Jonah for as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of a huge fish so the son of man will be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth he's making a direct comparison his death

is a parallel to Jonah's death his resurrection is a parallel to Jonah's Resurrection and then he mentions two other resurrections the men of the of Nineveh will stand up at the Judgment with his generation and condemn it for they repented at the preaching of Jonah and now won the greater than Jonah is here and the second one I I guess I missed this

um I in the episode with


the queen of the the queen of the South actually I'm not sure who this is now that I think about this the queen of the South will rise at the yeah because she's the one who saw Solomon uh the queen of the South will rise of the Judgment with this generation and condemn it for she came to the ends of the Earth to hear Solomon's wisdom and now greater than one greater than Solomon is here so assuming that she has made her own repentant turn after hearing uh Solomon's messages so

so the

another suggestion or another piece that that helps us uh make the connection is the impact of the resurrection of these two men of Jonah and Jesus

so what was the impact or what was the consequence of the resurrection of Jonah Jonah lived

to teach and and rebuke and correct the city of Nineveh and turn the world as it were

to God they repented and sackcloth and Ashes and call on God's name

and that's the same similar impact that's a precursor impact or a signal impact to what Jesus impact would be

um which is the Salvation of the Nations


good evening

um first of all I agree with you 100 there's absolutely no question in my mind anyway that Jonah was raised from the dead okay you can stop there well I can't

I I completely disagree that he was resurrected I think only one ever

ever because everybody else who's ever been raised has died and I think that's why you don't see much difference in people because there hasn't been a difference in people since they were raised the point is they went Immortal they came out model for the same creatures the difference in Jesus is the fact that he has received the gift of the resurrection of immortality he is now free from sin he has been changed he is not the same creature he was when he died and I think that's a major difference between him and every other creature that died they all came back Mortal lived their lives and died and then Jonah's prayer uh I think he made some excellent uh

um points however I kind of wonder if Jonah even realized he had been dead he talks about going into the water and being in the great fish's belly and being covered in seaweed but he doesn't really have a say hey I've been dead for three days but what it does say just before his prayer is that he and I'm going off the top of my head because I'm sorry my goggles on the table he says that after he was three days in the great fish's belly then Jonah prayed why would he wait three days to pray I think the reason he waited is because he was dead yeah I don't think he realized he was out three days now I know when I had my high surgery I was out four days I went in on a Wednesday and I didn't realize when I woke up it was Saturday there is absolutely no time passing for a person who's unconscious it's a twinkling of an eye as the scriptures say and to me that is the big difference so I think you're absolutely right about Jonah I think it was a sign just as I think Moses and Elijah were as well they had a purpose and I think that purpose is directly uh pointing towards what you've been talking about all evening about when the Son of God comes and the change that is going to take place thank you Jim thank you Bob

Bob I I think that's a I think that's a really interesting point about uh drawing a distinction between those who've been raised from the dead and Jesus being resurrected from the dead and I I think that on in all the occasions other than Jesus it it just uses that expression raised from the dead it doesn't use the word Resurrection is that correct you've never used exception Jesus except in Jesus case I think I thought the only one of the bearers are right there yeah nobody else has been resurrected he's the first fruits of those who slept and somebody else been resurrected such as the Widow's son then he would have been the first fruits but he wasn't Jesus was because he obtained the resurrection nobody else great point so I'm gonna I'm gonna just leave you with a challenge to to demonstrate that one Bob because I'm I'm not sure that I agree with you um but I'm not gonna uh yeah I'm gonna just leave it at that

um I I do I I do agree yes that Jonah's obviously Jonah's raising from the dead and if I if I used a word that uh didn't fit uh I would I am meaning to say that all of these mortals

um experience the same Resurrection

um in that they were raised still mortal to suffer uh the consequences of sin uh and death yet again um until

yes all right

um any other I think we're at time probably am I overtime I'm overtime

um so is our friend Jim Blake was often often says uh Jim has just a time check

so uh these pages I will leave for another day