Christadelphians in Stoughton: Prayer List

Please keep the following people in your prayers:

  • Bro. Bob Egles is home and recuperating though still suffering with dizziness.
  • Sis. Katie Boyko who is now home recovering.
  • Sis. Joan Setkewitz is recovering from a thrombosis blood clot in her leg.
  • Bro. Gordon Hampton is suffering from an infection. 
  • Amy and Paula the daughters of Sis. Paula Tavaras who are both suffering medical issues.
  • Sister Cindy Harroll, the niece of Sis. Peg Egles who recently had surgery.
  • Millie Jolli, the young girl from Australia that was hit by a car.
  • Kiley Smith, the relative of Sis. Anita Young who has cancer.
  • Ann Leahey, the friend of Sis. Sharon Hampton who is suffering with cancer.
  • Kurt Haraldsen, the husband of Sis. Jane Haraldsen who fractured his tibula.
  • Jeremy Haraldsen, the son of Sis. Jane Haraldsen who has some currently undiagnosed internal bleeding.
  • Bro. Herb and Sis. Theresa Phillips, the parents of Sis. Dottie Zawadski.
  • Walter and Nancy Sgroi the relatives of Sis. Cathy Sgroi who are struggling physically.