Live Video

Streaming Offline

Live video streaming is currently unavailable. If this is an error, please contact us. The next event to be streamed live is: “Sunday Morning Class and Memorial Service” on Sun, April 5 at 9:30 am (Eastern).

Archived copies of previously streamed content are available for viewing from the Member Area. If you need assistance, or wish to request access, please contact

Streaming Problems? Please contact the A/V operator directly instead of the hall phone

If you have any announcements of a fraternal nature that you would like to be announced to the East Coast ecclesias that are joining us online, please email the Recording Brother, or the A/V operator before 10:15am.

Once the live streaming has started (or after the service has finished), please click on the YouTube icon within the video feed. This will take you to several more options, including the ability to chat with us: We would like your feedback during the Coronavirus pandemic.


Today’s Audio/Video operator is Phil: phone or text 339-235-9838; email: