What is Truth?

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well Hallelujah because you don't realize how a big a step that is just in itself they get to this point where I can share that with you but thank you very much so welcome everybody to our class tonight entitled what is truth if I uh may just preface the beginning of my class with a couple remarks I'd like to thank our brother Jim boyko for organizing these classes and for everyone over the past year who's contributed class uh you know subject matter or participating in the class uh Bonnie and I and her mother Ellie was just about a year ago that we started joining these classes and we found them very beneficial the quality and diversity of the classes has been very impressive and and uh I believe you've created something quite unique so I do apologize for the times when I get a little overly enthused and talkative but tonight I am humbled to cast in my two mites into the treasury so uh as we begin I do want to acknowledge a young man by the name of Nick Marin Nick has become a friend of the family he helped me build this PowerPoint presentation he's attending URI to get his MBA and he's a very impressive young man he's not a full-fledged believer yet but I think God's word is working on him and I'd love nothing better to someday be able to call him brother all right so on to the subject matter before us what is truth okay as you can see that question was taken from uh pilate's response to Jesus in John 18 38. uh what you have pictured before you is a portrait of William Tyndale and as you can see William Tyndale was born in 1494 in Gloucester Shire England

William Tyndale was first to translate the original Hebrew and Greek text into English

and he is ranked the 26th of Britain's top 100 most influential people of all time and when you think of the extent of the long history of the nation of England that's a lot of people so he is certainly a very uh notable person in among the Brits he was famously known for what he wrote here in italics if God spare my life here many years I will cause a boy who drives the plow to know more than the scriptures more scriptures than you do and again that was directed to the Pope I thought to begin this with William Tyndale to add a little levity to the beginning of the class because here we have

487 years later the plowboy and ironically Gloucester Rhode Island shown here outstanding in his field and tonight we'll see if in fact the plowboy has come to learn anything of scripture

and to give a little equal time to sister Bonnie this is also a picture of Bonnie she's outstanding in her field as well

and of course the family portrait wouldn't be complete without the Fearless

Watchdogs Max and bear also shown here now I originally thought to add this photo for a little levity until I read further that William Tyndale was actually executed by strangulation at age 42. and his body then burned at the stake by order of the Pope and the Catholic Church for bringing us this work that we hold in our hands tonight and that just provides us just some idea of the power of this book we hold in our hands and the threat that it posed to the powers that would be


what is truth now some may be offended by pilate's question and certainly that is not my intent to offend anyone pilate seems to suggest that all truth is relative given one's personal perspective and that no truth is absolute

as we can see here from James 1 and 17 that that's quite the opposite position of scripture every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and cometh down from the Father of Lights with whom is no variables nor shadow of turning

and so that is the

perspective of scripture that uh that there it is not a matter of one's perspective so I thought that we would begin with a simple exercise

and if you have a pen and paper with you you could write this down but this is for your eyes only if you would begin by first give me some thought to how you would answer for yourself tonight's question what is truth if someone would ask you if your neighbor were to ask you well what is truth uh

if uh if you don't have favor if you would at least make a mental note of your answer and if it would be a scriptural answer you know a particular verse if you could think of a particular verse that you might use to answer that what is truth

the purpose of this simple exercise is to see if our answer evolves over the course of tonight's class I know mine did as I was putting the class together so

the idea for the class in choosing this subject came from Psalm 51 where David says behold thou desirest truth in the inward pots and in the hidden pot Thou shalt make me to know wisdom

so what truth does God want us to internalize in what wisdom did David plead to come to know


given thought to the truth

And discussing that matter we should begin with Peter's words in First Peter 5 and verse 2. feed the flock of God which is among you taking the oversight thereof not by constraint but willingly not for a filthy Luca but of a ready mind

neither as being Lords over God's Heritage but being examples to a flock so we're not to Lord over the truth or one another but we ought lead by example and the psalmist tells us that thy testimonies have I taken as a Heritage forever for they are the rejoicing of my heart so his word is our heritage not one another so we had a lead in that Lord and God's word is our heritage to which we must answer not to one another

so I'll put you at ease and put your fears to one side that far be it from me to try and tell you tonight what truth you are to internalize

I think we can all agree that defining God's truth could be a wide-ranging subject

so I thought perhaps the simplest approach may be to Simply follow the definition of the word truth rendered for us in the English as well as the Hebrew and then the Greek

and to contrast these definitions one to another to see if a message emerges as to what truth does God want us to internalize

and at the end of each definition we will have a little time for a discussion if there's a question or perhaps excitation

so beginning with Webster's Dictionary definition

truth is a verified indisputable fact

or quite the contrary of what Pilot's position was truth is a fundamental reality separate and apart from transcending perceived reality okay and so that is the English definition of truth

now I believe if we were to pull 100 brothers and sisters asking the question what is truth and a verse I suspect the number one verse to be quoted would be John 17 17. that's at least what came to my mind sanctify them through thy truth Thy word is truth

but as you can see I left myself a little cautionary note down the bottom to remind me to bring up the fact that well most of our audience as we know tonight primarily speak English

and if not entirely and it is only natural when reading of God's truth in English to think of God's word in terms of Webster's definition as either factually true or incorrect or

actually false and erroneous

but coming back to the source of the tonight's class that God desires its truth in the Inwood pots okay and for us to know in the hidden pots wisdom so is this West's definition of indisputable facts

is that what God desires us to internalize and to fill the household with is is this

indisputable facts the wisdom that David is pleading here in Psalm 51 to know

Webster's definition of Truth is accurate but but very narrow

so it brings us to uh first pause okay and a brief excitation uh brother John balello in his class mentioned that any good study class has some excitation in it and I do want to preface this by saying that I for those what know that I am preaching to the choir okay I understand that I think most of us will hold the same viewpoint on this but we also know that there are others that don't and if nothing else I would hope to stimulate some discussion but I thought to use the unoccupied house the parable of the unoccupied house as a little expectation on the subject of Truth okay this Parable is known by

two separate titles the parable of the unclean Spirit or as we see here the parable of the unoccupied house because the parable contains two separate lessons

earlier this year our brother John perks

gave a class we focus our attention upon this Parable and spoke of the unclean Spirit the Pharisees were trying to cast out

tonight as it pertains to tonight's subject what is truth I would like to briefly touch on the lesson of the Void left in the unoccupied house

So reading the parable when the unclean spirit is going out of a man he walketh through Dry places seeking rest and findeth none

then he saith I will return into my house from Once I came out and when he has come he findeth it's empty swept and garnished then go with him and take it with himself seven other Spirits more wicked than himself and they enter in and dwell there and the last state of that man is worse than the first even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation in other words teaching and defending what the truth isn't

is not equivalent or the same as identifying and teaching what the truth is

making it the entire focus of our ministry to constantly go back and sweep the household clean over and over again of incorrect or false facts of Doctrine is not equivalent to filling the household with what is the actual message of God's truth that he desires us to know and internalize

and not filling this void with what the truth is can lead to bigger problems than the problem we are trying to eliminate such as false teaching this is the second part of the two-part message of Jesus and I believe the root of the problem that has gotten us to where we are today


Having divisions known as amended unamended Bahrain Central Fellowship Church of the abrahamic faith these are just some of the labels that were placed upon those attending the recent Eastern Christian alfian Bible School

and and don't get me wrong brothers and sisters I was very happy to see all those different uh folks coming from different ecclesias and denominations attending the Bible school I nearly jump off my chair when brother Peter Clausen mentioned that he met with the Church of the American abrahamic Faith because I was a little familiar with the Church of the abrahamic faith simply that it was founded by a man named Benjamin Wilson

uh who wrote the Diagon and reading the preface to the diet a lot I learned that Benjamin Wilson was contemporary with Brother John Thomas and they were very friendly and often she had a great deal of their material and their learning and it was actually thought

at one time that brother John Thomas baptized Benjamin Wilson which I think later was disproven but

does reading God's word of Truth as defined by Webster lead us to think simply in terms of facts that we must all be in complete agreement upon as the basis of our fellowship in other words that two cannot walk together unless they agree upon all the facts is this the truth David sought to internalize

in fact I find it might be interesting to know that do they experience this problem in the Brotherhood in other cultures and languages as we've recently been exposed to many Brethren coming from Africa and do they do they see this type of separation and Division so I thought we'd begin there with a little excitation and Jason if anyone has a comment uh we I did build in a few minutes okay at the end of each definition to discuss this and then trying to leave some time at the end for the discussion as well but if that's caused anyone to jump off their seat and they feel they'd like to say something I'll take a moment here

well if not then we're going to continue on

so contrasting Webster's definition with the broader biblical perspective of Truth

now with complete respect for our brother David Levin's recent class on the dangers of translating Hebrew and Greek into English let me say the purpose here is to Simply contrast the Hebrew idea of Truth to Webster's narrow English definition of truth and not to improve or correct or expand upon Strong's definition or on the Bible translators

definition of the word truth okay so with that we're simply going to try and contrast okay first Deuteronomy 32 and 4. he is the rock his work is perfect for all his ways uh judgment a god of Truth and without iniquity just and right is he and Psalm 33 and 3 and verse 4 for the word of the Lord is right and all his works are done in truth

here the Hebrew word for truth is uh Hebrew is uh Strong's good coins 530 and this word is most often rendered as faithful

so the idea of Truth as in faithful this word 530 also appears in Exodus 17 and there it is translated as steady

and in first Chronicles 9 22 this word 530 is translated as set so the idea of Truth in this Hebrew word is one of a steady reliable established as faithful

and as unwavering as we read with James chapter one earlier okay that he used the idea of unwavering and this is consistent with the Hebrew 5 30. Hebrew 571 is also very much akin to 5 30. it appears in Exodus 34 as truth the Lord the Lord God merciful and gracious long-suffering and abundant and goodness and Truth

and in Psalm 119 Thy word is true from the beginning and every one of thy righteous judgments endureth forever this word 571 is most often rendered as truth truly or true

it also comes from the root which gives the idea of stability as in a Shaw Foundation to build upon

so as we read earlier in John 1 17 for the law was given by Moses but Grace and Truth came by Jesus Christ

the law the teaching of the Torah given by Moses

first establish God's word as one unwavering consistent steady faithful

that's the word 5 30. and true message that we can build on 571 as one continuous thread seamlessly woven throughout scripture from beginning to end

only a Remnant held this understanding

so we'll pause again now at the end of the Hebrew

definition of truth

just to say that the importance of the Torah having established the word of God As One continuous steady and faithful seamless message woven from beginning to end that we can build upon

and not and end in of itself which was the error and mistake of the Pharisees

or not merely a collection of individual facts that we collect in statements of Faith which is something that we must warn against the importance of establishing this prior to coming to the New Testament cannot be over emphasized

all pretty well summarize this in the very familiar verse Galatians 3 24 wherefore the law was our school Master to bring us unto Christ that we might be justified by faith

the importance of this understanding okay before coming to the New Testament New Testament cannot be over emphasized

for the law was given by Moses but Grace and Truth came by Jesus Christ

no man hath seen God at any time they only begotten son which is in the bosom of the father he hath declare them because when we come to truth as rendered in the Greek newtense New Testament it is the word elithir Strong's 225 having the meaning of revealing or uncovering something no longer conceals

quite a different meaning than Webster's definition of Simply factually true okay but that aletheer is conveying the idea that

something is being revealed or uncovered that was one time concealed

as compared to the Greek

New Testament 3483 and she said truth Lord yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters table here the word means simply yes in the sense of a strong affirmation yes the law yes Lord yet the dogs eat of the crumbs and this only appears once this word 3483 is only translated as truth once

and the New Testament Strong's 3689 and thus the secrets of his heart made manifest and so falling down on his face he will worship God and report that God is in you of a truth which means really or truly and that might be more closely aligned with Webster's ideas true in fact okay in every other instance when you're reading the English word truth as rendered in the King James version you're reading from the Greek either 225 a lethier 227 Elite these or 230 alethos

and I'm going to go back to our former screen for just a moment to see again the idea here is not simply that God's word is inspired as we know it is not simply that God's word is factually true but aletheer is about revealing or uncovering something no longer concealed

to this end said Jesus was I born and for this cause came I enter the world that I should be a witness unto this a lethier the revealing of this truth this message and everyone that is of Truth here with my voice it is to this that pilate answered what is truth

okay so by the grace of God Jesus was sent to declare this message now I I had Nick highlight grace truth and declare it the only word here that is alethia is truth okay I just wanted to emphasize by the grace of God Jesus Christ was sent to reveal this message that was established by Moses was seamlessly woven throughout the Torah but was not openly displayed and and that is what the word declared means it means to make known uh to manifest so Jesus manifested this hidden message in his life his life was

a revealing of this hidden message from the written from the very beginning

to this idea that the Torah and the Old Testament held a hidden consistent steady unwavering message to be more fully uh unwavering message that we can build upon by the way okay to be more fully revealed at a future date the prophets the law and the New Testament agreed so that when we look at words such as light



Secret veiled

we will see their connections and they're more fully being manifested in the New Testament there are connections between the Old Testament and the New Testament so we have here in Isaiah 9 2 the people that walked in darkness have seen a great light they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death upon them hath the light shine and this is Isaiah prophesying that this light would first be comprehended by the Gentiles

Isaiah 48 and 6 now is heard see all this and will not ye declare it I have showed thee new things from this time even hidden things and thou does not know them

then shall they late Break Forth as the morning and thine health health shall spring forth speedling and thy righteousness shall go before Thee the glory of the Lord shall be thy reward

and coming forward to the New Testament then speak Jesus again until I'm saying I am the light of the world he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life

the word reveal in the Old Testament who hath believed our report to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed

Jesus would say all things are delivered unto me of my father no man knoweth the son but the father neither knoweth any man the father save the son and to whomsoever the son will reveal him

that is what Jesus came to do was to reveal this woven message from the Torah and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed and All Flesh shall see it together for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it

in the New Testament Galatians 3 but before Faith came we were kept on the law shut up unto the faith which should afterwards be revealed

to this the Lord the prophets of the New Testament agree the word veiled

and he will destroy in this mountain the face of a covering cast over all people and the veil let us spread over all nations

the New Testament but even unto this day when Moses is read the veil is upon their heart nevertheless when it shall turn to the Lord the veil shall be taken away

to this the prophets in the New Testament agree Secret for the frod is abomination to the Lord but his secret is with the righteous

love not sleep lest Thou come to poverty open thine eyes and thou shall be satisfied with bread

and Jesus said unto them I am the bread of life

Jesus came to open our eyes to the realization of this powerful message of a lethier


and in the hidden pot Thou shalt make me to no wisdom

I have not hid thy righteousness within my heart I have declared thy faithfulness and thy salvation I have not concealed thy loving kindness and thy truth from the great congregation

I will sing of thy Mercies

excuse me I will sing in the mercies of the Lord forever with my mouth will I make known Thy Faithfulness to all generations for I have said Mercy shall be built up forever Thy Faithfulness shall thou establish in the very heavens

just as a side note it wasn't something I prepared to bring up in the class but in selecting this verse we actually have here in Psalm 89 verses 1 and 2. the definitions okay of Truth in the Torah Mercy shall be built up that is one of the ideas of Truth

in the Torah the truth in the Torah is faithfulness

his word has been established so we see these ideas Mercy shall be built up thy faithfulness shall thou establish in the very heavens and coming forward to the New Testament now to him that is of power to establish you according to my gospel and the preaching of Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the mystery which was Kept Secret since the world began

alethia is that revelation of the mystery alethia fulfills the law brings to light the teachings of the Torah in the life of Jesus Christ


our definition of Truth has evolved over the course of night from Webster's truth as simply factually true

to the torah's definition as truth as one steady consistent message that we can build upon

to coming forward to the idea in the Greek truth as a leap year revealing this hidden message woven throughout the scripture the Torah


so this changes the Dynamics of tonight's question what is truth

what is a lethia what is the true message the gospel is bringing to light

that's simply that God's word is true

not simply that God's word is inspired

but what is the true message

or as we will see this message has power

by Mercy and Truth iniquity is purged and by the fear of the Lord men Depot from evil

for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth

but be transformed by the renewing of your minds says Paul transform metamorphosis to be changed

and in Colossians who have delivered us from the power of darkness and hath translated us metamorphosis again unto the kingdom of his dear son

so a lethia has translated us unto the light of the kingdom of God

and Proverbs 23 by the truth and sell it not

the idea of buying the truth reminds us of the buried treasure in the field and the merchant man seeking good pearls

or the young man who could not sell all that he had and by the truth or follow Jesus

the to Noah lethier not has the power to change us and we see this in the idea to know David pleaded to make me no wisdom

for Hosea 6 and 6 a very familiar verse for I desired mercy and not sacrifice

but we often stop there or we lose the import and I desire the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings

and by his knowledge shall my righteous servant justify many for he shall bear their iniquities and as Jesus said but if you had known what this meaneth I will have mercy and not sacrifice you would have not condemned the Guiltless

and this is life eternal that they may Know Thee the only true God in Jesus Christ whom thou has sent

so to know alethier the truth has power to change us


process the changes is an effectual process of coming unto

Timothy says Paul writing to Timothy says who will have all men to be saved and to come unto the knowledge of the truth

and Jesus said unto us come unto me all ye that labor learn of me

and in Revelations the spirit said unto the in the bride say come

and let him that heareth say come

and let him that is a theorist come and whosoever will let him take the Water of Life freely

so alethea is an effectual process of realization of coming unto

until the day Dawn and the day star arise in your hearts

Paul exhorts us to press toward the mark for the prize of the High Calling of God in Christ Jesus let us therefore as many as be perfect be thus minded and if anything else be otherwise minded God shall reveal even this unto you

and hath given us everlasting consolation and Good Hope through Grace

sanctify them through thy truth

Thy word is truth

so we come full circle

Thy word is truth a lethier Thy word is revealing a powerful message

which has been woven through scripture seamlessly from beginning to end

and revealed in the life of Jesus Christ and that message has power to change us to set us apart and to sanctify us

and we are all a work in progress coming onto this realization

is why we ought lead one another and not Lord and this can sometimes be

where the friction and rub takes place as we try to transform or translate one another to where we are in this process of realization where it's a process that we all must take in a journey that we must all travel at different times and at different rates


I had promised you that I would not be so bold as to try and tell you what truth you should internalize or realize and I'm going to hold true to that but our brother Steve Davis who unfortunately is not with us tonight has often said on many of these classes

what do we want to take away from this class

and I thought again that it would not be so bold as to try and tell you what you should believe to be truth a lethier most of you are much more

experienced and learned than myself

but I did want to leave you with this visual the seamless undergarment of priesthood

as it is recorded in John 19 23 John writes then the soldiers when they had crucified Jesus took his garments and made four pots to every Soldier apart and also his coat

now the coat was without seeing woven from the top throughout

and the soldiers said let us not Rend it but cast lots for it

now there's great symbolism here

and you could think that perhaps John was just waxing poetic

or he wanted to add color to the narrative but I think we can all agree we know scripture well enough that that is not the case as our beloved brother kitson

uh recently was instructing us we shouldn't read three verses and ask why so we should ask ourselves why did John record this this is the only gospel that records the fact that Jesus War a seamless woven undergarment

the word

John uses the Greek word that John uses for this underground comment is kitan okay so the word quote or tunic it's the undergarment John uses the Greek word keton I believe is how it's pronounced and it's thought that this word Greek word Ketone is derived directly from the Hebrew word kitane

Kitana in the Hebrew is first mentioned in Genesis 3 21. as the coats of skin from the lamb slain to cover the nakedness of

Adam and Eve

this word Katana is also used to describe Joseph's coat in Genesis 37 in Exodus 28 verse 4 the Priestly undergarment was a katana

and Josephus tells us that only the Priestly undergarments were woven seamlessly from top to bottom okay Without End

the illustration you have in front of you of a keton a tunic or undergarment this is a common person's

undergarment which simply consisted of two pieces of linen cloth

with some type of satchel or attachment holding it together on the shoulders and that's what you see trying to be depicted here in this illustration along the shoulders hem you'll see some type of attachment holding the two pieces of linen together

Jesus is undergarment

was not such it was a very precious

very valuable

keton woven seamlessly

someone went to Great Lengths to give this key time unto Jesus to distinguish him in his priesthood

it is thought that perhaps it was John the Baptist's Mother Elizabeth

knowing the Prophecies of Jesus that perhaps she went to the Great time and effort to create a seamless undergarment

in John 13 it is said that at the Last Supper

that Jesus removed his garments and gird a towel about him

but he wouldn't have been completely naked he would have had this Ketone on his undergarment

as he washed the

disciples feet to provide them

a Priestly example that he was trying to pass on to them

and he would have been wearing this Ketone as he was trying to pass this along this message along to them so there's great symbolism here

and the takeaway from tonight's class that I would like to leave with you about a lethier is that we not rendered

Jesus fulfilled a lethier the truth

revealing more perfectly as one Continuum waving powerful message seamlessly woven from beginning to end from top to bottom from Heaven to Earth as the Alpha and the me the Omega

woven throughout the Torah and revealed more fully in his life

to provide us a Priestly garment to cover our nakedness

and let us remember it as such

and not rendered into little pieces

of fibers of facts

elevating certain individual fibers of Doctrine

to the exclusion is a structure of the whole message of the Garment itself of the whole message of Truth

Solomon tells us there's nothing new Under the Sun

and this idea of straining at gnats while swallowing camels

of elevating

lesser fibers of facts to the exclusion of the entire message

is nothing new Jesus said ye blind guides which strain it on that and swallow a camel

and I let's say brothers and sisters that while putting the class together I thought to myself how do we reconcile these disagreements and which end up sometimes being more than just disagreements and how do we reconcile that with Lord's Sermon on the Mount

and I thought of rocker and the seamless garment

and as you recall the Sermon on the Mount Jesus is basically exhorting us that our righteousness must exceed that of the Pharisees

and he uses the examples of

adultery that

the Torah said that if you look upon if you commit adultery that you shall not commit adultery and Jesus went further to say but I suggest you go further than the Torah and that if you even look upon a woman you've committed adultery already with your in your mind

in the case of murder Jesus said the Torah says thou shall commit no murder

and then he goes on to say but I say unto you that whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment and so whoever shall say to his brother raqqa shall be in danger of the council

but whosoever shall say thou fall shall be in the danger of Hell Fire

because Jesus

is sharing with us the three stages of anger that lead to murder

anger of inner thought

anger expressed in scorn

anger culminating in action in our case not necessarily murder but separation

rocker is an Aramaic expression of worthlessness rendering something or someone as worthless

but I was surprised to find that as a verb it means to tear apart in other words to render something worthless by tearing it apart

and that is well let's first we'll look at the fruits of raqqa

the idea of fruits for a good tree bringeth forth not uh bringeth not for corrupt fruit neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit

my thinking of fruits is that if you extrapolate out an idea or an action and you extrapolate that action out what is its result what does it bear

and when we think of these different


amended on amended Berean Church of abrahamic faith

we've got to believe that our lord Jesus

William Tyndale and so many others

did not die to bring us this work that this would be the fruits that we bear

so the visual takeaways that I would like to leave you with

if we would look at the truth not as simply God's inspired word which it is not simply factually true which it is

but rather a precious seamless garment

to cover our nakedness

and that we look at the whole of the Garment and the whole of the message of the Gospel not tearing it apart into individual pieces to argue about

keeping in mind that there are seven spirits more evil

I'd like to leave you with the image of herding cats I was baptized in 1986 and almost shortly thereafter and ever since I've heard of the on and off occasional attempts to unite the different

uh denominations uh and it can very much be like herding cats uh and so perhaps all we can do is lead by example and to keep in mind these visual takeaways

uh and so we will leave you with the very familiar scripture

but let it not be contemptuous to us First Corinthians 13. Love Never Ends

but as for prophecies they will come to an end as for tongues they will cease

as for knowledge it will come to an end

for we know only in pot

and we prophesy only in pot but when the complete comes the partial will come to an end

so it is about 23 or four past we can open up the discussion


do want to share with you that this is a

very important subject to me I want to thank you for your time and attention uh it's always been a particular interest to me this Sunday because as you can see how narrowly we Define truth

determines how narrowly we Define who is my brother

if I Fellowship in truth is based on Webster's narrow definition of Truth as simply factually true then two cannot walk together unless they are in complete agreement on all the facts

known as statements of faith

however if our fellowship is based on a lethier the message manifested in the life of Jesus and our fellowship is broader based on the gospel message


subject again is of particular importance to me it took me 30 years to emerge from Webster's very narrow definition

and we'll just leave you with the idea that

Cain was famously known for his

response when asked

where his brother was he famously said

am I My Brother's Keeper

and I just find it discouraging that two thousand years later

after a lethier

that we are groping

to determine

who is my brother let alone am I My Brother's Keeper so