Israel and Gaza

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so good evening to everybody I'm very glad to be speaking with you here this evening at the invitation of brother Nate uh I know I actually I can say a lot of you on the call I don't personally know there are some names I do know and recognize and uh very glad to to be in your company once again uh but for those who don't know me my name is is brother Dan Langston I'm a member of the moristown eclesia and um my wife is Sister Kim who's parents are brother Dave and sister an cheum so if you don't know me um there's a very good chance probably 90 95% chance you know them so that's just kind of the connection there to to um sort of help you figure out um you my Ecclesia and who I am and all but um our topic this evening uh is is as we said current events in Israel and it might be a little bit different than typically um you know having a a speaker give a whole class on on the subject and I say that because what what I'm doing is is largely using clips from other Christadelphian speakers who have uh recently spoken on the subject and uh I I I did I did that for the reason of uh when I first gave um the version of this class at my Ecclesia I did it the Thursday following the attack that was on uh Saturday so it was kind of the kind of thing where I didn't have a lot of preparation time to to be as Thor as I'd like in the study and uh pulling things out um but there are a lot of videos out there who have uh the brothers who who have done a lot of that work in in the studies and bringing these things forward especially in light of what's going on now uh so I do want to uh kind of start out with an introduction and looking at what's happened

um with Israel and the attack and um

just there there's a website called uh O7 and it's it's a website that's been set up to essentially document um the the attack on Israel on October 7th just a few weeks ago and uh I'm just going to read a brief paragraph from that website that describes what happens on the morning of October 7th 2023 Hamas led a simultaneous wave of assaults on Israeli civilian communities and milit milary posts the dawn attack began when Hamas launched over 5,000 Rockets from Gaza into Israel then used these strategic bares as cover to breach the Border in this massive surprise Onslaught on Southern Israel Hamas terrorists committed unfathomable atrocities that have reverberated globally the attacks claimed the lives of more than 1400 individuals left more than 3,300 wounded and saw 230 people taken as hostages and

something you know that that's to kind of set this in a historical context

is there haven't been that many Jews killed in a single day civilian Jews killed in a single day than the Holocaust and that's that's the scale of what we're seeing in terms of of historical importance and and that's what sets this apart from any of the other previous skirmishes that have happened uh in recent times this is not something we're at the conclusion it's going to go back to the status quo in the Middle East this is something that um essentially will be caused for realignment uh in terms of the Power Balance and uh potentially a peace that results from this war but Israel was completely caught off guard here uh this is being called one of the worst intelligence failures in its history if not the worst so in a speech later that day on October the 7th Israel's prime minister uh for the time uh Benjamin Netanyahu in his speech broadcast a brief statement he said citizens of Israel we are at War not in an operation or in rounds but at War this morning Hamas launched a murderous surprise attack against the state of Israel and its citizens we have been in this since the early morning hours I convene the heads of the security establishment ordered first of all to clear out the communities that have been infiltrated by terrorists this currently is being carried out at the same time I have ordered an extensive mobilization of reserves in that we return fire of a magnitude that the enemy has not known the enemy will pay an unprecedented price in the meantime I call on the citizens of Israel to strictly adhere to the directives of the IDF and Home Front command we are at War and we will win

it so that was what he had to say uh following that initial attack on October 7th um yeah so quite a significant uh toll of civilian life which which was hamas's intended effect of course they they wanted this to um to really send a message to Israel and you know again the significance here is Israel has been involved with in a lot of skirmishes with its hostile neighbors over the years um this conflict marks the first time since it actually has declared war since the 1973 yam kapor War which started you may have seen almost 50 years to the day of that tack um this one came at the end on the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles now in the time since then you know Israel has has has got all the Hamas militants out of its territory and pushed them back responded with air Stripes air strikes on the Gaza Strip and uh as we've just seen over the past last few days um has just mounted a ground assault into Gaza itself um and followed by many air strikes which were kind of clearing the way so something else Netanyahu was also quoted as saying is that we will take Mighty Vengeance for this wicked day Hamas launched a cruel and wicked War we will win this war but the price is too heavy to Bear Hamas wants to murder us all this is an enemy that murders mothers and children in their homes and their beds an enemy adducts that adducts elderly children elderly children teenage girls every homas members is a dead man we saw the beasts of pray we saw the barbarians that we were facing we saw a cruel enemy an enemy worse than Isis and you know I'm sure many of you have been following the details of the coverage of what's happening over there and I won't go into some of the atrocities that are being committed um um because it's almost beyond belief the the evilness of of man towards his fellow and and ironically his own in

humanity but following that attack the defense minister Israeli defense minister yo Gant said we will wipe out this thing called

Hamas Hamas the Islamic State of Gaza will be wiped from the face of the Earth it will not continue to exist there will be no situation in which Israeli children are murdered and we all go about our business he also said it's the worst terror attack the world has ever seen children bound together and murdered people burned barbaric Deeds that the Jewish people has not suffered since

1945 so in the wake of that Israel formed a National Emergency government to focus on matters related to the the War uh to put aside their political difference over the last nine months related to the judicial overhaul and other things and it's really been four or five years that they've sort of had the political instability with uh repeated deadlocked elections and fragile coalitions and uh to some extent you you you might say that's a contributing factor to uh having been caught off guard on October the

7th so what Israel wants to do is to completely obliterate and wipe out Hamas and uh for the time being Israel has the support of many Western countries including the United States United Kingdom Germany France Italy and Hungary um due in large part towards its long-standing

allyship uh with a lot of countries in the west but also because of of the horrific uh barbarities and atrocities that had suffered at the hands of Hamas um and and the recognize and need for Israel to defend itself against um such

inhumanity now the leader of Hamas has warned that uh the their assault on Israel would spread to the West Bank in Jerusalem now it's clear um that we're witnessing the beginning stages of a war that will have significant consequences for the Middle East indeed as I said at the outset that this isn't just something that it goes back to the status quo the status quo is changing with this war

so you know I I think when we have something like this happening uh dealing with with God's people um the Jews and

um the the importance that they are they are in the scheme of uh in the prophetic scheme you know it's something that you know we we can't ignore you know we can't not talk about something that's important and um so as I said I I'd like to do that by way of uh some videos that have already been put out into the Brotherhood by Christadelphian speakers maybe some of them you'll have seen maybe some of them not um but I want to go ahead and get into those so uh these first couple Clips is given by Brother Roger Lewis and he he actually gave this talk in 2007 at the at the echol lake Ecclesia and uh it's entitled the whole to is entitled dramatic moves in the Gaza Strip but this particular clip is going to kind of set us up for Palestine in the Bible and kind of its roots and how that relates to the modern day Palestinians so I'm going to go ahead and click play let me know if if you can't hear and we'll try to sort that out Palestine and

Palestinians well it's a biblical term actually because the word Palestinian comes from the word Palestina that's found in the Bible it's the Hebrew word pth and that word pth meaning rolling or migratory hence the land of The Wanderers is translated as Palestina three times as Palestine once as philistia three times and as Philistines once but it's the word translated Palestina it's where the word Palestine comes from and where the word Palestinian is derived from so there is a Biblical basis to this particular word so I guess what we would say is that from a scriptural perspective therefore a Palestinian is a Philistine and a Philistine is a Palestinian because certainly they control the same territory the Palestinians compared to the Philistines of old they manifest the same attributes so they qualify on both counts and they're going to receive or share the same end from a Biblical perspective in fact interestingly enough the Arabic for the term Palestine Liberation is T Philistine so you can see that interplay between the word Philistine Philistine and Palestine Palestinian it's all one word in the Hebrew so there's a Biblical background to that particular word now I should really cover my position at the outset in case you think I'm heading off in the wrong direction biblically and just say

this modern pales

Ians are not in any way descended from the actual Philistines of Old Testament times there's no actual connection with the Philistines there's no ethnic or linguistic or cultural connection whatsoever the Philistines are gone brothers and sisters they were exterminated off the face of the Earth as we shall see in a set of prophecies that we're going to look at later on in fact I'd have to say that the whole story of the Palestinian people today is the most amazing media fraud perpetrated by the Palestinian people

themselves so what's interesting about that is um you know the Palestinians occupying that area today uh as brother Rogers said AR don't have a direct line you know to the Philistines of the Bible but what is what is interesting is that the people that's there now uh essentially are constituted to play that same role uh that same adversarial role towards Israel occupying um that that stretch of

land and this next clip here from that same class um brother Roger talks about how uh safety for Israel peace that that lasting peace for Israel comes only when Palestine is subdued and and we'll see that as long as they've had you know they've been in that area there's been conflict

I think the Bible made it absolutely clear that there was only ever safety for Israel when Palestina was subdued so look at this little run of quotations that I think helps to establish

there conle says David smoke the Philistines and subdued them and took gath and her towns out of the hand of the

Philistines First Kings 4 says Solomon reigned over all the kingdoms unto the land of the Phil Ines for he had Dominion unto Gaza 2 Chronicles 17 says and the fear of the Lord fell upon all the kingdoms and the Philistines the Palestinians brought Jehoshaphat

tribute again we're going to be told that in the days of of Isaiah the king it says that he went forth and wared against the Palestinians and built cities about esod and among the Philistines which by the way tells us that the Jewish practice of building cities or settlements an occupied territory is not a new one the aai was doing that many years ago building settlements an occupied

territory and of the of the time of Hezekiah it says as we've seen before he Hezekiah smoke the Philistines even unto G you see all those key words David Ward Solomon had Dominion Jehoshaphat received tribute asaiah went forth and wared against them hezeki smote the Philistines now what's interesting is that all those kings of Judah had alliances political alliances with other nations but none of them ever ever negotiated a peace treaty with Palestina because peace only came when that area was under military subjection you ever stop to ask yourself this question brothers and sisters as to how the peace and safety of Ezekiel 38 might come about I give you two

options a peaceful negotiation with Hamas signed in the spirit of Brotherly

friendship or another military confrontation that the Jews win on the basis of Psalm

83 I think if Psalm 83 is an indicator it would suggest perhaps the latter wouldn't it triggered by some dramatic event we don't know what it might be I don't know by the way whether that is what will happen but it's a possibility and that there will be an Israeli reprisal after the manner of of David and Solomon and Jehoshaphat and Isaiah and Hezekiah of old a route of opposing forces and that Israel might take control of the West Bank absolutely which biblically she must be in control of at the time of the end and Put a Ring Of Steel around Gaza to contain the spirit of hatred that Broods and festers in that place and I believe brothers and sisters that if Israel does that at some stage in the future she will have set the scene for the invasion of go who's the Latter-Day asero Babylonian now actually there's a really good point that I want to make here so if you've been sleeping throughout the course of this particular address now's the time to wake up and pay attention for this last crucial few moments now here's the great

lesson what's the great let me see if I can just put that that that's much better now I've really got your attention what was the greatest Calamity of Israel in Old Testament times answer when the Babylonians came down and overthrew the nation and led them off into captivity question were there some surrounding Arab Nations that threw in their lot with Nebuchadnezzar when he came down to be hostile to Israel yes were they the main story no what was the main story Nebuchadnezzar

Babylon when Rome came down with Titus or Vespasian and Titus and marched against Israel were there some surrounding Nations that threw in their lot with the Romans to settle old scores against Israel yes were they the main story no what was the main story Rome

Babylon when go comes down at the time of the end might there be some Arab Nations associated with goou in her Invasion yes are they the main story no what's the main story go L day Babylon see it's a question of understanding the framework of Bible prophecy I think that what these prophecies indicate to us is that the very likelihood of further Jewish Arab controversy but that's not the same as saying that it's the great controversy at the time of


brother Roger's making the point that Israel even in its history really only had uh safety when it when its enemies were essentially brought under military uh subjugation as opposed to you know a peace treaty or or political agreements or anything like that um in in regarding the point about you know when go comes down into the land um you know being joined by Arab Nations that's um you know you see a little bit of that in in Psalm 83 and you know the Nations there

um is something we'll look at in the next clip but I I do want to read Psalm 83: 1-5 keep not thou silence oh God hold not thy peace and be not still oh God for Lo thine enemies make a tumult and they that hate thee have lifted up the head they have taken crafty counsel against thy people and consulted against thy hidden ones they have said come and let us cut them off from being a nation that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance for they have consulted together with one consent they are Confederate against thee and then Psalm later in the psalm it goes on to list all of the the different groups of people and um you know the it's very likely that this is dealing specifically with the time of uh Armageddon and when go comes down into the land and it's joined by a host of other nations uh and particularly um you know the the the anti-Semitism that's a part of it so the next clip we're going to look at uh is taken from a talk that was posted earlier this year in February uh given by Brother Jim cowi I don't know if he actually gave it in February but that's when when it was posted and uh it's it's a larger the the overall class is on on Psalm 8 three and he really digs in and gets into details but for um you know we're going to drop in at the point where he's tying tying this into the battle of Armageddon with with what's happening here and as well tying it into the um the image of Nebuchadnezzar so we'll get we'll get into that one so we can come back I think to Psalm 83 now we've got the roots of Psalm 83 which is an Armageddon Psalm so I'm going to read it again from verse two they have taken sorry for low thine enemies make a tal and they that hate thee have lifted up their head you that's what I said in the King James it says the head It should read their head you know what the word head is in Hebrew rash they've lifted up their rash they have taken crafty counsel against thy people and consulted against thy hidden ones they have said and this of course is the policy of Iran today it was the policy very clear policy of our menad the former president of Iran come and let us cut them off from being a nation that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance that's the policy of Iran and those who are supporters of Iran for they have consulted together with one consent they are Confederate against thee and then we've got a list of the Confederates and it lines up with Nebuchadnezzar's image so who's the first in the Leist well of course the Tabernacles of Edom well we know who Edom represents Edom represents Babylon the great the latter days the the the most anti-Semitic power on Earth so clearly edom's got to be there doesn't it so here we've got Babylon the head of the image well who comes next the ishmaelites well they're Muslims aren't they where do you find Muslims from Syria across to Pakistan they're all Muslim and they'll be part of the Confederacy because that was part of the MEO Persian Empire but read on of Moab and the hagarenes into verse 7 giel and Ammon and AMC AMC was a son of Esau you remember the Philistines were the inhabitants of Ty Philistines Palestinians y t hisbah y you got it so what we have here of course is nean there's image and down here in verse 8 who do we meet it says aser in the King James you know who that is should be Assyria and the the power of go is called the latterday Assyrian all through the book of Isaiah and in the Book of Micah okay when the Assyrians shall come into our land Micah 5 so we know what this is about this is about the invasion of Israel in the latter days and it has an outcome and the outcome is the destruction of that power upon the mountains of Israel so verse 8 says Assyria also is joined with them they have hen the children of lot and by the children of lot is meant those false religions for from lot came Moab and Ammon they were of course born in very uh difficult circumstances where his daughters uh did uh did something quite wrong to their father and out comes these illegitimate children okay just like the churches that support the papacy and will support this invasion are illegitimate so you see how this really

is yes so that one I I put in um I know because Psalm 83 uh in some cases is understood as a uh description of you know a war with the Arabs that will happen which will precede the the GOI Invasion and uh the point brother Jim here is making is that it may more accurately deal with Armageddon itself and and when go comes down and the Nations that are allied with

it now the next clip is swinging back to um brother Roger in that talk we were looking at earlier and this is going to deal with um expectations for Palestine and remember he's he's speaking in 2007 and based based on an interpretation of of of scriptural teaching and prophecy uh you know these these are some some expectations that that he thinks we can see it's very interesting to see how closely it tracks with with what's happening right now well let's see what we do expect what what's our Biblical expectation for the latter

days well as we've said we expect the increasing Drive of independent Palestinian activity in the coastal region of the Gaza

Strip we expect the increasing tendency of the Palestinian movement in Gaza to ferment a state of enmity with

Israel we see the increasing likelihood that Israel's security with at least the Gaza Palestinians will not come by peace but possibly by some form of military

control and we see the increasing tension of the Palestinian conflict in Gaza as preaging the invasion of Goen the return of the Lord Jesus Christ and I'll tell you why because those three quotations at the bottom Obadiah 19 joel3 Isaiah 11 all passages we've looked at today suggesting a Latter-Day Palestina but not only do they suggest a Latter-Day Palestina those particular passages also suggest the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ

because well

because obad says that in that day saviors will come up on Mount

Zion and Joel 3 says there'll be a voice that Roars in

Jerusalem and Isaiah 11 says there'll be an ins sign set up for the

Nations they're all code words for the coming of Christ aren't they brothers and sisters what of marvelous things we see these things unfolding in the Middle East right now we can have absolute confidence that Christ is

near so you know it's

uh pretty


next clip is from uh brother Ken whad a quick look and this one deals with Saudi Arabia's uh role potentially in resolving the the current conflict that we're seeing and what it has to do with

um Lebanon in Gaza have a quick look over in Jo chapter 3 because Joel chapter 3 talks about the battle of Armageddon and the Gathering of the Nations to the valley of Jehoshaphat and that starts in the first few verses and then continues on from verse 9 so you have in verse two I will gather all nations and bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat and plead with them there for my people and my Heritage Israel whom they have scattered among the Nations and parted my land as I said when we come to Daniel 12 we talk about the end of the scattering the scattering being accomplished so that he tells us that this time period is equivalent to the time period of Daniel 12 Joel 3 Gathering All Nations notice in verse one God brings again the Captivity of

Judah and Jerusalem the Captivity of Judah we could say finished in

1948 when Israel was declared a nation there's no more captivity of Judah since 1948 and then the Captivity of Jerusalem ended in 1967 with the six- day war and the control of Jerusalem so this is talking about that same time of the end period and then sandwich well let's go down to verse 9 UM Proclaim this among the Gentiles prepare War wake up the Mighty Men let all the men of War come up and uh you go down to verse 12 and we told that they come up to the valley of Jehoshaphat so we've got those first few verses and then from verse 9 on continuing to talk about Armageddon but sandwiched in between them which must mean it happens at the same time as the Gathering to Armageddon around Verses 4 to8 and I'm going to talk about this as I said more at the end but notice in verse four what's it talking about Ty and zidon and all the coast of Palestine now where is Ty and zidon today geographically what country is it Lebanon did everybody say Lebanon they did

Lebanon who's in charge of Lebanon really his balah will they be called in into this war we don't know for sure but here we have what have you to do with me why are you doing things to my

people tyon s who else all the coasts of Palestine which has got to be the Palestinians in Gaza and and the coast means the borders which would include the West Bank as well what are you doing to me and my people the prophet says in earlier times you rejoiced when my people were sent off into captivity matter of fact you health people take my people into captivity amongst the grecians it says the meaning the Gentiles the Greek countries of Europe they were scattered and you were happy about

that but I'm going to bring my people back into their land and when I raise them verse 7 out of the place where you have sold them I will return your recompense upon your own

head Rockets coming down from above your recompense is going to be returned on your own head and

then your people will be subject to what Israel wants to do with you tyon sidon and Palestine what Israel wants to do with you and what will Israel want to do with them sell them to the

sians who are the sians the people of Sheba the Saudi Arabians and the Arab states in a similar area so you are going to be sold into their control now we don't know what that means whether they'll actually be taken out of the land to SAA to Sheba to Saudi Arabia whether they'll be deported or what will be but whatever it is this passage is telling us that Saudi Arabia will control the future of Lebanon and the Palestinians now I'm going to come back to that and why is that important to the present situation it's important to the present situation because Saudi Arabia is on the cusp said Benjamin yahu of making an agreement with Israel and I'll show you a little video some video clips later on about that so we're getting very close to the sians taking control of what's happening in regard to the Palestinians and Lebanon

now when this latest I'll call it call it a skirmish at the moment I think it's a lot more than that we don't know how long it's going to go for but this war as it's been declared when it began it began on the basis that the uh Palestinians were saying this is Hamas the Palestinians in general that we're fighting this war called the operation alaxa

Flood now alaxa of course is the mosque located on the Temple Mount right alongside the Dome of the Rock and uh right there where the temple was originally built but this is the point uh what I put together on Friday night um to talk about the Palestinians and Lebanon and the problem being solved in Joel

3 in uh Joel chapter 3 just going over this this is our conclusion there's a couple of things to look at here Joel 3 as we said from verse

4 we're in the time of Armageddon because that's as we said the early verses and then taken up again in chapter 9 and chapter 11 ver verse sorry verse 11 Joel 3 the early verses then verse 9 11 assemble yourselves and come uh the cause thy Mighty ones to come down oh

Yahweh Ty and z are in Lebanon and all the coasts of Palestine God saying why are you railing against me what have you got to do with me what's this all about he does say swiftly and speedily I will return your recompense upon your own head because you sold my children to the grecians this is in history this is time gone by when the Jews were scattered and he says God says uh the children also of Judah verse 6 the children of Jerusalem have you sold unto the grecians uh that is in the original word that Javan which is the area of literally of Greece and of uh European countries and the Jews were weren't they they were sold off into the European territories for centuries

centuries so God says in the latter time he says verse 7 I will raise them up out of the place whether ye have sold them well as you had them under your control and you push them out of the land uh and the figure is selling them uh I'll bring them out back from where you've sold them and of course we know that many of them came back from Europe and other countries that they'd been pushed out to centuries and centuries ago and I will return your recompense upon your own head returning a

recompense well

payback payback what it means it's payback time so in Verses 4 to8 the Lebanon and the Palestinians will be sold into the hands of the

sians I'll return your recompense in verse 8 I'll sell your sons and your daughters into the hand of the children of Judah in other words Israel will be in control there's so much in control I'm told uh uh by Brother Bobby earlier on that uh they' got that much control over the Gaz of strip they can just switch off the power and 2 million people have got no power that's not a bad sense of control over the territory is it so they there God has sold these people into the hands of the children of Israel same with

Lebanon so the next clip is from Brother Pete Owen and a talk he gave on October the 8th which was the same day that of the clip that we just watched from Brother Ken uh this clip here um is a little bit more information regarding the role that Hamas and

Hezbollah might play or will play in the leadup to

Armageddon yay verse four and what have you to do with me oh Ty and zidon and all the coasts of Palestine will you render me a recompense and if you recompense me swiftly and speedily will I return your recompense upon your own head you've taken my silver and my God you've carried into your temples my goodly Pleasant things the children also of Judah and the children of Jerusalem you've sold to the grecians so in the buildup to the battle of

Armageddon there are two groups of people mentioned in verse four Ty and zidon Ty and zidon where are Ty and zidon based today which country would they be in Lebanon so so I try to put a help on the slide here boys and girls if you're making a note so Ty and zidon that's Lebanon that's the north of uh the land of Israel that that's where a militant organization or terrorist organization Hezbollah are sponsored by Iran they've also fired Rockets into Israel in the last 24 hours to show their support for the

Palestinians so in verse four Ty and zidon you might make a note Hezbollah that region and all the coasts of Palestine or the revised version says the regions of philistia and and when we read the regions of philistia our minds perhaps straight away go to the

Philistines and the Philistine territory is the ancient territory of Gaza

today and so what we have in Joel 3 and verse4 is something of the territory of the terrorist organizations who will come to the four in the last

days and what do they do they've taken my silver and my gold and have carried into your temples my goodly Pleasant things the children also of Judah the children of Jerusalem they've taken hostages in the last 24 hours now we would never be so foolish as to be saying having read that what we've seen in verse four that is the perfect fulfillment that we've just seen this

weekend but we would say when we're looking at the events that are currently unfolding in the Middle East in the holy land that this verse in the buildup to the battle of armag headen where we're starting to see these people come to the fall and we're starting to see some of their behaviors match what the ancient Prophet said would

happen and so now we start to ask ourselves the question well what what next and we should be absolutely clear we don't know the

details who predicted yesterday I don't think many of us thought that we'd be doing this talk this afterno afterno I tell you what I certainly

didn't but it happened didn't it so it's right that we just try to to to frame our thinking to to to reflect on it if nothing else for our young people and children to to to keep our minds focused through the lens of scripture into what's going on well we don't think there's going to be a quick fix to this we think it's likely a significant conflict will be ahead it's highly likely that Israel will go into Gaza there'll be a ground offensive and that they will go in because of the hostage situation they'll have no choice possible further involvement of the likes of Hezbollah the Israeli government and opposition we think because they've been so crippled and it's not just us there are plenty of commentators across the world were seeing that because of the crippling of the government Hamas has been able to seize this unique opportunity so I think it's likely in the coming days and weeks that of course there'll still be continual in fighting as every government there always will be where men are concerned but all the same we think there may be some cooperation in order for the uh country to be able to make decisions and deal with a war we think I certainly do that the United States and their allies will do everything they can to keep that peace deal on the table we reflect on that shortly we we think that piece of Ezekiel 38 is critical to Bible

prophecy we wonder we're getting into speculation here because we're talking about tomorrow and the next day and the week after and the the month after the year but we wonder that Israel

May justify its position the government was elected on the premise that they would Annex they would take the West Bank

now they've not been in a position to be able to do that for all the reasons we've reflected on already but we wonder that this may provide a justification for them to say we've got no choice we can't have the likes of Hamas as terrorists in our country roaming around the West Bank where we've got uh our people living so you wonder that it may become the driver for them to take the mountains of Israel the West Bank and we also wonder that watching on with a bird's eye view from the north

Russia will subtly initially Provide support to the Palestinians before at some stage it will be less subtle and they will drop down into the land and they'll come on to the mountains of Israel

yes so these yes brother Pete says you know did regarding the speculation we we don't know what's what's going to happen next but um I'm also of the opinion that the the piece of Ezekiel 38 will follow this War uh and I think also as as an outcome of this war if not during the war Israel will take control of the West Bank and so be able to knock down the wall that separates it and Israel can truly be dwelling without balls bars or or walls or Gates and I think you know down the road from this conflict likely when we're already gathered to to Judgment at sin uh will be that invasion of Russia coming down on the mountains of Israel so I I I think that's how close we are that that this where that's where this is

going so I think I've

got one last clip here

yay and that is the question of of Israel in the West Bank here speaking a little bit more to

that and so what of the West Bank do we think it's likely that Israel could could look to completely Annex the West Bank we've seen the last few months tensions in the West Bank this article ask this what does the future look like with Israel continuing to grow its settlements and entrenching its occupation a political situation seems distant as ever challenges today like the Israeli Ultra nationalist government the growth of Palestinian armed groups and the fragility of the Palestinian Authority are are different from previous years which is why intelligence agencies diplomats and analysts have been increasingly warning of the likelihood of a massive flare up that article was written a couple of months

ago if I was the editor of that newspaper I'd be getting that guy to write me a few more articles because that's what's happened this weekend the massive flare up and and we've reflected haven't we part of it is because of this weakened position that Israel are in that that Netanyahu managed to get back into power as the Prime Minister but he had to do so by making many deals not least with an exceptionally hard right group of ultr nationalist Jews who said yes we will go into government with you but on this principle the first guiding principle of the government in Israel was published this is early this year declares that the Jewish people have an exclusive and unquestionable right to all areas of the land of Israel it says that includes the occupied West Bank and Promises to advance and developed settlements there about 600,000 Jews live in about 140 settlements built since Israel's occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem in

1967 in a CO Coalition deal with the ultra nationalist religious Zionism party he signed last week it was this is back in January Mr Netanyahu agreed to retroactively legalize The Outpost he also promised to Annex the West Bank while choosing the timing and weighing of all the state of Israel's National and international interests such a step would be opposed by Israel's Western and Arab allies so Netanyahu this year has said it's in his policies to Annex the West

Bank we wonder that the conf that we've seen this weekend may be the driver for it so we see these settlements in the West Bank we've seen them grow and grow we see now over 500,000 and it doesn't stop Israel just uh in the last few months keeps approving more expansion in the West Bank now you're in Ezekiel 38 would you just flick back to chapter 36 because we shouldn't be surprised by this we're not making any comments on the Rights and Wrongs of it but it's simply is Bible prophecy being fulfilled

because Ezekiel prophesying over 2 and a 12,000 years ago said that when the Jews came back to the land they would come onto the mountains the mountains are the West

Bank and they would grow and multiply so so look Ezekiel 36:8 oh mountains of Israel you'll shoot forth your branches you'll yield your fruit to my people of Israel verse 10 I will multiply men on you verse 9 you will be tilled and sown so we're not surprised to see headlines like this Israel to seize 12 acres of Palestinian Farmland in the West Bank the Jews will will Farm we're told Ezekiel 36 and verse 9 on the West Bank and so we're interested and we're extremely interested to see the language that's used in Ezekiel 36 where it says in verse

11 I will multiply upon you man and Beast and they will increase and bring fruit and I will settle you and that's what we see don't we on the West Bank today the settlements of the Jewish people as they keep building on the West

Bank brother John Thomas Dr John Thomas uh writing as a Christadelphian over 170 years ago

spoke of the fact that he believed from reading his Bible reading here Ezekiel chapter 36 that before the invasion of the country by goou by Russia he wrote there will be a considerable Gathering of Israelites on the mountains of Israel now he doesn't say the West Bank because at that time it wasn't called the West Bank we'll come to that very shortly that time it was simply called the M it was just the mountains it was just just the geography of the region it was the mountains of Israel today we call that area the West Bank you could see from Bible prophecy there would have been a considerable Gathering of Israelites on that territory before the Russians dropped down when he said there would be a considerable Gathering of Israelites do you think he thought there might have been 50 settlers do you think he'd have

taken a what about a thousand a thousand a considerable Gathering a thousand what about

10,000 can you imagine if he could see what we're seeing over half a million

Jews on the mountains of

Israel that's an extraordinary extraordinary prophecy that's only possibly been able to be fulfilled since

1967 so very important things are happening right now uh as as we see the the will of our father continuing to unfold particularly as it concerns His People Israel um it brought to to mind for me Luke chapter 10 verses 23 through 24 and this is Jesus speaking to his disciples right regarding his his own Ministry blessed are the eyes that see what you see for I tell you that many prophets and Kings wanted to see what you see but did not see it and to hear what you hear but did not hear it and I think you know for us we can certainly relate to that in our own time with with what we're seeing now and in the uh continuing fulfillment of of Prophecy that um you know we've really been blessed to see for for you know our whole lives really you know 196 7 1948 uh even even before that

um so it's just you know I want us to be able to to to truly see these things U for for the importance that they have and and to to Really grasp the the gravity of it really the importance and it leads to Second Peter chapter 3 and verse 10 you know a consideration um you know the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night what manner of persons ought you to be so we don't have a lot of time left uh brothers and sisters and and I know maybe we kind of feel like that's maybe a chicken little in the sky it's falling kind of a thing that we've oh you know we've been we've been here before significant events have been happening and and well we're we're still waiting and you know I we're very close and um and we know that because of the magnitude of the prophecies we see being fulfilled and um you know hopefully we're not lulled to to sleep and and taking for granted um all that we have been seeing even in just these past few years you know the the the birth pangs that Jesus said would come and that and that's certainly part of it in what we're saying so just um you know to take heed for for how you walk and um understand the importance of what we're seeing now